Power Black Leather Seats from a BMW 2dr

Power Black Leather Seats from a BMW 2dr

USD 1,200.00

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Price USD 1,200.00

Location 77417, Beasley, Texas, United States

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I bought ($1500) and had shipped from Florida ($350) the excellent condition black leather seats from a wrecked BMW 2 door, and installed in my 78 Dodge Magnum. They looked great, but I'm a "Full-Figured Man" and my wide back and big butt wasn't comfortable. I replaced with leather aftermarket seats.

I'll cut my losses and sell for $1200 with Pickup Only at my shop They've been wrapped in plastic wrap since I took photos earlier in the day.

Finding modern black leather seats for a 2-door in excellent condition is near impossible. It took me years to find these. But is you have a Muscle Car from the 60s/70s/80s, with black interior, there's nothing like adding the comfort of modern power seats. They looked great in my Magnum, but I tip the scales at 300# and they were too small for me.

I don't want to get involved with shipping, but for an extra charge of $50, I'll wrap in plastic wrap, box, put on a pallet, and forklift onto a truck. Use one of the many Freight Quote companies on the Internet to arrange pick up (Business Address and no lift gate required), delivery and payment. If you're overseas, I can have delivered to Height's Crating (look up on Internet) in Houston (120 mile round trip) for $75, and they'll crate and ship to almost anywhere in the world and bill your credit card. Many auto transporters will also pick up and deliver. Or you can have anyone pick up at my shop in Beasley, TX M-F 8-4.

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