Is the Old Hippie just a Nice Guy.

Well yes, the Old Hippie is a nice guy. However the real reason he makes this site completely free for any Legal & Ethical Ad in the USA is because he's retiring and needs to downsize his life by selling 1000s of items he no linger wants or needs. He had an eBay store and was doing well, but now the Sellers have to collect and file sales tax based on the location of the Buyer. Way too much of a hassle, so this site was created for those like him.

The more ads posted, and the more diversity in the type of items and locations, the more traffic is driven to everyone's ads. That's the entire motive. By allowing others to post their items for sale, he sells his stuff quicker.

So please, look around your garage, closet, storage locker, basement, attic and shed - and turn your stuff collecting dust into $$$. Register to post an ad, take a few nice photos of the items, and post your free ad now. 

Tell your friends about this site, and encourage them to use it.